Tennessee Avenue Baptist Church
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
The Joy Place

About Our Church

Tennessee Avenue Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church located at 104 Cypress Street in Bristol, Tennessee.  We are a Bible-Believing, Jesus-Exalting church family with programs and ministries for all ages. We agree with the amended BAPTIST FAITH AND MESSAGE of the Southern Baptist Convention adopted on June 14, 2000. We are conservative in theology, liberal in love for the Lord Jesus, joyful in worship and progressive in ministry. Our primary goal is to glorify the Lord Jesus in all we do. The Priority Ministry of the Church is evangelism and missions.

 We Believe...

...that the Bible is the inerrant/infallible Word of God so therefore the Bible is our SOLE AUTHORITY for doctrine and practice. .

...that every person is a sinner by nature and is lost without Christ.

...that Jesus Christ is the virgin born Son of God and therefore very God Himself.

...that Jesus died for our sins, rose from the grave, and ascended into heaven where He is our Great High Priest and the only mediator between sinful man and Holy God.

...that Jesus is THE way, THE truth, THE life, and no one can be saved but through Him.  His Salvation is a gift of Grace received by Faith. (John 14:6)

...that to have eternal life and heaven one must repent (turn from) sin and self and trust in the Lord Jesus only.

...that there is a literal heaven where those who receive Jesus go and a literal hell where those who reject Jesus go.

...that the true Church is the Body of Christ on earth and that His Great Commission is our Mission and Mandate. (Matthew 29:19-20)

...that Jesus is coming for His Church and then He is coming to Bodily Reign on this restored earth for 1000 years after which this earth will be destroyed and the New Heaven and the New Earth will be our home for eternity.

...that it is the duty of every true believer to live in the delight of the Lord Jesus and glorify Him with our praise.

On these Bible Truths we boldly stand and devote ourselves to sharing Jesus with the whole world.