Tennessee Avenue Baptist Church
Tuesday, November 12, 2019
The Joy Place

The Calvary Road

The late Pastor Adrian Rogers once said that in his opinion, THE CALVARY ROAD is the greatest book, second only to the Bible that has ever been written.   Pastor Rogers said this book is his and his wife, Joyce’s, testimony in that they have read it every year for 35 years.   Pastor Rogers stated that he required every person on his staff, from the janitors to his Associate Pastors to read this book at the beginning of every year. 
This book has led many at TABC to personal revival.   It is a book that we will continue to encourage every single church member to read.   You will be blessed!   The following is a link that will allow you to download and print it for your personal use:    
 CAUTION…if you do not want to have an ‘Isaiah experience’, stay away from this book!