Tennessee Avenue Baptist Church
Sunday, August 25, 2019
A House of HOPE

Dear Church Family...

Thank you church, for the incredible acts of kindness, words of encouragement, and gifts that you gave to my wife and me. Sunday, July the 14th was a tremendous blessing to us. We will be forever grateful for your generous love expressed in a multitude of ways. And your love will not be forgotten.
As we enter into the next season of our lives we covet your prayers. We will certainly remember our TABC family and lift you before God’s throne.  It is our hope and desire that each of you will remain Focused on the Mission and Faithful to the Master...faithful to use every spiritual gift, talent, and opportunity entrusted to you, to bless others and glorify our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I came across the following article a few months ago. I do not remember where I found it or who wrote it. Certainly, I would give credit to the author if I did. Nevertheless, the truth of what the author was conveying is the heart of the message I want to leave with you. Let me exhort you to live daily with its truth being the very foundation upon which you stand.  I don’t have all the answers for poverty and suffering in the world, but I have a Savior who entered into that suffering when He came here, who lived as a poor man, a homeless man, who died to defeat the ultimate generator of human suffering...human sin. IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS. I don’t have all the answers about why someone you love died. I only know that God knows the feeling. He watched His Son murdered on a cross. IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS. I can’t explain many of the hypocrites and the horrible things that have been done in Christ’s name, but I know Jesus said, “Follow Me” not “Follow my followers.” IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS.
Church, keep lookin’ up...it could be TODAY!
Bro Phil and Diane
Thank you so much for the love and support you have given my father and mother, Carl & Retha Nixon. We are forever grateful. Blessings,
Carl & Eric Nixon
I am so thankful and grateful for the many prayers, flowers, visits, cards and calls from my church leaders and friends. Since mid-March I have been through two surgeries, a bad fall, two and a half months in a rehab facility, and home health care. The outpouring of love and God’s grace has been overwhelming. I know God is the Great Healer, and He will continue to help me in the process of working toward a full recovery. In Christian Love,
Phyllis Copenhaver