Tennessee Avenue Baptist Church
Monday, May 21, 2018
A House of HOPE

Dear Church Family...

 Thank you for all you did during the passing of my mother, Patsy Leslie.  Your thoughtfulness and prayers were greatly appreciated.  Our church family is so wonderful and we thank our Lord for you.  Many thanks again!  Love in Christ,
Darrell, & Cindy Ryan
Bro. Mike, Phil, Paul, Ray, Peggy, Beverly and everyone else,
There is no way that we could ever thank you all enough for the prayers,  the flowers, and most of all the love you've shown during my surgery and recovery (which continues).  I praise God for a church family such as what we have here.  Thanks again,
Carol & Rick Hale
Thank you! Thank you for the prayers, the flowers, the great food and the cards at the time of Harlan’s passing and home going.  Every expression of love and kindness was a blessing and great comfort. There are no words for my appreciation. Love in Christ,
Mary Bernard
Words cannot express the kindness everyone showed during the time of Mom’s illness and passing. Thank you so much for the prayers, flowers, cards, phone calls, & delicious food during this time. Your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. 
Diana Triplett, Robyn Sproles, & Vicky Cox